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Welcome to Living (in)security!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Welcome to the living (in)security blog. The goal of this blog, first and foremost, is for me. It's to allow me to have a place to process the next layers in my own journey. It's to show others the inner layers of me-the ones that don't always have it all together, the ones that aren't always buttoned up and presented with a pretty bow, the ones that don't have everything running on a level of perfection.

I'm a coach AND the work is never done. While the story I told myself was "If I show my insecurities, no one will think I'm worthy of being their coach," I now believe my ability to embrace insecurity and demonstrate vulnerability is what makes me an even better coach. It gives my clients, the people around me, and YOU permission to do the same.

So here we go. I'll take one for the team by using my life as an experiment to send a message that even though it's not always talked about, we each have layers that we hide behind at times, we each have stories we tell ourselves that keep us smaller than we are, and we each have the power to be seen and be loved no matter how scary it is. Although I've hid at times, I'm learning I have nothing to hide and I'm choosing to come out of hiding. Will you come with me? I’d love to hear about your breakthroughs on your journey as well. You can find me and share them on You’re not alone, our strength comes from community.

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