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About me

Hi, I'm Melanie!  First off, you should know I'm obsessed with personal development.  I pursue growth and goals like it's my job...and it is!  Before the age of 30, I was a 5-time martial arts world champion, CEO, and a few months away from being an adoptive mother.  I value walking the walk, and everything I coach you on, I've been coached through myself.  You are not alone and you ARE fully capable to live a life you LOVE.


I am passionate about helping you discover YOUR purpose and live it on purpose.  I believe you dream your dreams for a reason and already have everything you need to see them turn into reality.  The good news is you have now found someone to walk the journey with you.  Life is too short not to love your life so let's create the life you want to live!   

Coach Certification:  Klemmer Coaching Academy

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Lori Jester

I started coaching around January 7th 2020. I was looking for help reaching my weight goal primarily. I had never made making myself a better person a priority. I have done individual coaching, a Time Management workshop, a goal setting workshop, and group coaching. I am fundamentally, at my core, a different person. My priorities have changed. Melanie's whole person approach has help me realize where I was letting some parts of myself go. I am now able to see where I am not nurturing myself in certain areas and set goals and obtain a greater balance in all areas of my life. I am more apt to give myself grace and talk more positively about myself than ever before. This has given me confidence in who I am.

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Trina Anderson

I’ve been working with Melanie for two months now in group coaching and it has been a great experience! Melanie is tough, but kind and doesn’t let excuses get in the way. She continues digging through the excuses to get to the root of what is really holding you back, but she does it with kindness and compassion. She is always there to cheer you on with your success and encouragement through the tough things. Melanie is the first coach I have worked with and I find her to be exactly the person I need to push me past the obstacles that I’ve let hold me back in the past. In just two months, I have overcome much of my anxiety about being in front of a video camera and have become comfortable sharing successes and misses within the group.

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Sarah Mitchell

Melanie is a great inspirational motivator and I look forward to her classes every day! By the end of the first month I saw a difference in myself not only physically, but mentally as well. I am excited to continue on this journey of self-improvement with her and look forward to seeing the person I know I am emerge. Thank you, Melanie, for being my inspiration and key to unlock my full potential!